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Sasha Doors

It's That Good

Nikita interior door is available in three sizes, and three finishes. The solid pine core is hermetically sealed with a premium 3D nano-material. The resulting surface never fades, is mold-resistant, pet/kid friendly, and easily washable.

Nikita Door

Nikita is our flagship, made with authentic stile and rail construction using perfectly proportioned components, created individually to ensure that every door is architecturally correct, regardless of size. 


Precision Engineering

Don't let the minimalist aesthetic and delicate details fool you – Sasha Doors are designed for permanence and engineered for resilience. The slabs undergo several drying cycles in laboratory heating chambers to achieve the optimal humidity level of 8%. Intended to serve their owners for generations without structural deficiencies, the Nikita Door weighs around 60lb and will withstand frontal and side impact comparable to commercial entry systems.


Dried to 8% humidity solid pine core is the keystone of our strong and durable construction.


The solid pine core is hermetically sealed with a realistic high density 3D textured nano-material.


Each Sasha Door comes with matching jambs and casings, adjustable to any wall thickness.


Energy-saving seal helps keep the warmth inside the room, keeping the noise, insects, and dust outside.

Ready When You Are

Each door comes completely finished, and ready for installation. No priming, painting, staining required. Sasha Doors are intended to be easily installed using basic tools and familiar techniques.


Works with Your Space

While we leave the choice of hardware to you, our doors come pre-drilled with a standard 2-1/8" diameter bore hole for the door knob, and a 1" cross bore that extends from the edge of the door through the bore hole for the latch. Each Sasha Door comes with factory pre-finished matching doorway trim/casing, adjustable to any wall thickness, that protects the wall edges, secures the jamb, and visually integrates the door into your interior.

And Your Lifestyle

From rustic to ultra modern – the architecturally crisp lines of its solid wood frame are emphasized by opaque glass inserts encrusted in reinforced fiber panels that won't warp, shrink, or crack, ever.